Audigy 2 zs platinum no sound problem

hey every1! i hav an Audigy 2ZS platinum sound car w/ drive bay connectivity. I bought the card nearly 5 years ago and up until 2 yrs ago it worked fine. Then the card wud die out - i.e. there was no sound @ speakers. Restarts dont change anything and if i were to connect the speakers/headphones via the drive bay , i'd get sound.

Can any1 help me in this matter? has my sound card breathed its last?

btw the card was from an older rig, P4 2.8 - the mobo died as the PSU blew out...cud this hav fried my sound card?
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  1. yes that could have fried your sound card. But you also said it would make sound if the drive bay output was used - this leads me to think the card works. Or are you saying it used to work out of the bay, and now it doesn't work at all?
  2. the card was working perfect, then the PSU and everything connected to the mobo started dieing out 1 by 1. the rams were first then the grafix card. The sound card survived to go onto a new rig. There the sound would come and go. Since this has drive bay connectivity - when the card stopped giving output, i hooked the speaker cable to the headphone jack on the drive bay connectivity, and it works...but yet theres no sound in the card....puzzled....
  3. you zapped your components - If I were you, I would not use any of that stuff in a new rig.
  4. Point noted!

    Kinda wished i could use the drive bay connectivity... could u suggest any good studio grade sound cards?i'l be looking to build a rig for my musical ambitions :P if i can afford it :D
  5. btw i cant select the "select best answer" as i cant see the button anywhere....
  6. What budget are you looking at?

    In general, look to ASUS, HT|Omega or Auzentech for a quality sound card.
    Avoid Creative at all costs!
    They have gone majorly down hill since you last bought a sound card...
  7. Well, without knowing your budget, end-goal in recording, or recording needs, I can't recommend a card. I can recommend brands: Auzen, HT, and M-audio make pretty good cards. Check for models. These are a cross between studio grade and PC user, so don't expect miracles of sound.

    If you are serious about sound, and want professional features, check out this recording gear at musicians friend (

    Look for cards/devices that have really good preamps, as this will shape the sound more than most of the other features.
  8. wow, the link u gave made my eyes pop...awesome stuff. $400-500 depending on the features i can get...btw i also need a good set of speakers. I need advice on that as well. It should be within the $400-500 budget :)
  9. What exactly are you looking for when you say musical ambitions?
    Planning on hooking up lots of instruments (if so please list the connectors) or more remixing?
    Are you looking at monitors (really high quality stereo speakers), headphones or a 5.1 surround setup?
  10. i'd like to do some remixing work and sample sounds and maybe after that get dwn to create music..i dj'd with the P4 pc and realized that the sound was much to be desired :)

    now that u mentioned it - 5.1 surround would my 1st preference as i'd want to connect it to my HTPC/Gaming rig and the monitors would go onto the new rig (w/ a new soundcard ofcourse)...btw if i get monitors wont i need a mixer/console for it?
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