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I have an 8600GT which is running at 70 degrees idle and 92 degrees at full load with fan at 100%. Should this be ok? I'm buying a case fan aswell soon so that might help.
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  1. Those temps are too high, not healthy for your GPU. Try EVGA Precision toll and manually set the fan to 100% to see if it helps to cool the temps.
  2. Bearing in mind that the 92 degrees was when i was playing crysis. FIFA is about 85. I will try that tool.
  3. My fans are at 100% and when i played Sims3 on full settings it reached 100 degrees for a few seconds. It's a good job Nvidia cards can sustain these temps (for a while).
  4. There is something wrong with either your GPU temp sensor or you hvae no airflow in your case. Your GPU should not be past 85-88 C with 100% GPU fan running. If you keep hitting 100C, your GPU will soon die.
  5. I'm buying a fan for the front and back so there will be some airflow in the case. That might help.
  6. That's an old GPU. If you know how to remoce the casing (very simple) and blow out and clean the fan, it will also help. If you have a friend who would like to buy it at a fair price (about $25 - $35), I would sell it and get a bew 9800 GT for around $85.
  7. At the moment i am happy with my 8600 GT. I've just bought it temporarily until christmas when i can buy a better card. I've just put a case fan at the back of my PC blowing air out and it has lowered my idle temp from 70 degrees to 57! Now for one at the front!
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