Motherboard repair

board fires up but has no bios access nor boots system
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  1. spec's?
  2. intel's D865GSA
  3. Did you format the hard-drive? What steps did you take prior to booting? Is this a new build??
  4. Do you have a motherboard speaker? Hear any beeps?

    If all you are getting is fans, double check that the 4 pin CPU power is plugged in.
  5. no speaker. did reseat 4 pin connector
  6. OvrClkr you twit - NO POST, and D865GSA = PENTIUM 4 CHIPSET (FSB800, Dual Channel DDR1, AGP8x etc)

    Those series of boards suffer from blown caps, your are prolly on there way out if your unlucky - google what that means and check your board for one

    Two - it may be a faulty video card or memory or just simply bad connections to it etc - reseat em, and reset the cmos (might be a "diag" or "config" mode to do it)
  7. yea well it is hard to work with limited info =)
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