Samsung P20 / Dead BIOS after Micom?!

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Hello, perhaps someone can help me here.
Forwards approx. 3 weeks, I have to supply my Notebook Samsung P20C with an
Flash update. Thus I loaded myself the file 08WK.EXE from the Samsung server
(because of the ATI Grafikkarte with 32MB memory), and to the Readme
proceeded. Thus a bootable disk provides, on to this I copied 08WK.EXE, and
which computers started again thereupon has the program the file examined,
and it began to flash the BIOS. Then it began to bring the Micom in. It
hooked briefly, but the program accomplished it nevertheless without error
message up to the end, and which computer started again that screen with the
Samsung Logo appeared......, and then nothing at all more, he went switched
himself off. That can reproduce I miracles. Switch on, short screen
flickering, the computer switches themselves off.
Thereupon to me someone offered to flash the PROM externally again. And now
the large comes HOWEVER - Samsung packed everything, the Phlash16 and the
actual BIOS into only one EXE. And we do not find the Offfset, where the
actual BIOS begins. Besides it is also still somehow packed with PKLite, but
the usual ZIP headers are missing.
A call with the Samsung Hotline did not use much, those has no BIOS images.
Thus one has me at Arise, which technical Supporter of Samsung in Europe
referred. Also those cannot send me an BIOS image in form of a WPH or BIN
give. Instead I am to return the Notebook, and the Motherboard is changed.
But me economic insanity seems somehow to be.
Therefore my question at you: possibly can one say to me, how I find the
offset, how I could extract the data, in order me a .WPH and/or IS to build?
Or does someone know, where I could get such? Unfortunately nevertheless all
Notebook manufacturers assemble its BIOSs. Or, which grandios would be
whole, there is someone, which also a Samsung P20C has, and with which
Phlash16 its BIOS select could, and me to send could do that, against
expenses participation?

For each assistance I am grateful.

Kind regards, Thomas

Technical data: Type: Samsung P20C (Model NP20)
Proc.: Intel Pentium 4M
Chipset: Intel 845MP/ICH4
BIOS: Phoenix BIOS 4,0 Rev. 6
RAM: 256MB
Graphiccard.: ATI9000/32MB GDR RAM
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