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I'm building a PC with best graphics(Will use CrossFirex or SLI). Please suggest me a DDR3 motherboard LGA775 with CrossFire or SLI. I'm confused with which chipset to go with x48 or P45 ??. I need this MOBO for best graphics and Medium overclocking.

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    well both chipsets oc very well but for great performance get a p45 chipset with cf support and it uses ddr 2 ,x48 its like a refresh chipset with cf and ddr3 memory support.

    but albeit the x48 it's a bit more expensive so here are the best p45 motherboards out there..
    from asus:

    another one from gigabyte:

    still going for x48 so then :

    from asus :

    from dfi:
  2. Unless you already own a really good Socket 775 CPU, and you just need to replace the motherboard, there is no good reason to go with a dead socket. What you need to look at far as Intel goes is Socket 1156. Here's an example of what you should be looking at:
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