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Hi All,

Yesterday, when i was starting the PC, Windows started restarting every time it got to the Windows load up screen. I know that these errors do happen and do go away with a chkdsk /r command. But to make matters worse, my DVD Drive died 5-6 months ago. So i created a USB repair drive and went into the Windows XP recovery console and ran chkdsk /r. But i was totally surprised that the command got me an error:
"Volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems"

Could you tell me what is the solution to this?

Even "dir" command does not work. All i get is something which says that drive cant be read or something.

But i do have a gut feeling that my HDD (WDC Caviar Black 10001FALS) is failing. Could that be the case?

But since i don't have a DVD drive.. i am not able to check with the diagnostic tool that are there which run from a bootable ISO. SO i at least have to get to Windows first and check it out and be sure.
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  1. You can get a dvd burner for $15.
  2. I am not from US unfortunately. And here the PC hardware prices are way to high. Although DVD Writers aren't expensive, they aren't cheap as well. They stand somewhere in the middle ground. Also considering the fact.. that DVD Writers are one of the most failure prone hardwares these days! I did not buy another!
  3. I am thinking of buying another HDD... backup my 1TB Caviar Black and get it RMA'ed! But i definitely do not want to go through another OS Install!
  4. I re-install my OS every 4-6 months by choice, not sure why it's such a big deal for you.

    I'm sure you could find a used dvd burner for less than $10, no matter where you live.

    I've been using the same samsung drive for about 7 years.
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