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I have two hard drives currently installed (one and two terabytes), both of them in use with a lot of data on each. What I've been wondering is if it is still possible to set up a RAID with those two hard drives? Or do I need empty hard drives to be able to set up a RAID? If I can still set up a RAID, what do I need to do?

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  1. I cant tell for sure for all the possible raid modes, but the RAID 0 (performance) requires 2 *Identical* drives that are empty of data.

    In order to use them in RAID, you would have to set them up in you'r motherboard's BIOS and since every motherboard is somewhat different you should better look on the internet about it or simply figure it out on you own when reading the options in bios (its really not that hard...)

    But you really need exactly 2 x the same drive for a RAID
  2. Thanks, so I guess I'll have to save up for a second hard drive then.
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