Hi Guys
I am about to build a new computer and I am requesting if anyone can see any faults with this design, I will be running windows 7,
MOBO ASUS M4N82 Deluxe AM3/AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI
CPU AMD Phenom II X4 AM3 3.2Ghz (will be overclocked)
Memory 8GB Corsair memory
GPU 2 x 9600GT 512mb (overclocked) SLI
1 x Nvidia Tesla C1060
CPU, GPU's, memory will all be water cooled.

I think that i have done a good job designing this but im worried about the graphics cards and the Tesla running together without problems! any advice will be taken into consideration.
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  1. See the sticky at the top of the forum about asking for advice. If you need this much computing power why aren't you using an i7?
  2. sorry i'm sort of new to toms hardware, & I'm not a big fan on Intel, I find them too costly, and also i run a quad core intel at work and i find it slower then my dual core AMD that i use at home.
  3. The i7 is superior to any AMD offerings right now, especially for CPU intensive tasks and is currently the only way to get a decent chipset with SLI support. What are you going to be doing with this computer that you need that much power? Depending on the application the tesla may not be very useful, very few things can make use of that much parallel processing.
  4. I still need more info before I can say much. See the sticky, copy and paste the format into the original post.
  5. I'm still not sure what you mean by Sticky?

    The computer will be used for Gaming, 3D CAD Design, & Video editing, I might be able to get away with the Tesla, but i wish to find out if will combine its power with the GPU's. I want to use as many of the parts that i already have to create this computer, I will be Building this computer over time so i am hoping that my AM2 cpu will run with board too.
  6. The sticky would be the post at the top of the forum with the instructional name

    For those uses im not sure how much of a boost you would get out of the tesla compared to just another CUDA enabled GPU
  7. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Over the next 12 months
    BUDGET RANGE: undecided

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, internet, networking 3d CAD Design, Movies,

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (examples: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS) **Include Power Supply Make & Model If Re-using**


    CPU AMD Phenom II X4 AM3 3.2Ghz (will be overclocked)
    Memory 8GB Corsair memory
    GPU 2 x 9600GT 512mb (overclocked) SLI
    1 x Nvidia Tesla C1060
    CPU, GPU's, memory will all be water cooled.


    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 3 screens

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: OS windows 7 64bit
  8. Man, you will be dissapointed when you plug that up. I maybe new here but i make a custom computer almost every day. High end gaming, and for case (computer aided sys engrng)

    I would recommend a Core I7. becuase mainly it can handle flow of data better than amd. they used amd's hyper transport theory here.

    Tri channel support.

    980SLI is excellent but consider an X58i with tri SLi.

    Instead of 8gb. Get corsair 1600 Mhz 6GB Tri channel.

    GPU- 9600GT even overclocked or in tri sli cannot be compared to a single gtx 295.

    Since you plan on 1080p like me, Atleast a GTX 275 would be useful.

    Three screens with Three Cards?

    Or Three screens with 1 GTX 295 should be enough at even 1200p.

    Invest in factory overclocked models.

    You want gaming, just check your specs and see what Crysis comes up with to give you a rough idea.

    If you can max out crysis you can max out any game. (Baseline for gaming)
  9. Thank you for your information. I do run the Crysis bench mark tool,
    I was thinking of trading in my 9600 GT later on down the track to get 2 GTX 275.
    Because i will be overclocking this machine very hard i have chosen Corsair memory i did look at the 6GB Tri channel but always asked why did they leave one memory bay empty. I will be water cooling the memory anyway. my water cooling system is personally designed and i think people at ThermalTake will be surprised at the resaults.
    I am a fan of AMD, I have used intel many of times but i like to show peolpe there are cheaper options other then intel cpu's that preform better in cost comparison.
  10. As a former AMD fanboy I have to admit that with what you say that you are going to do, the Intel Quad core cannot be beat by AMD..... As far as Price.... get a lower priced unit and overclock.... you are going to watercool.... Right? Intel numbers just blow away the AMD numbers.... clock for clock.
  11. Something smells...
  12. anyone know if the amd 4x4 can support ph2's?
  13. Don't buy the better, but the price go up if you build the new computer with a i7....IMO go for another GPU, more a GTX260 or GTX285....the are powerfull GPU...or buy a nVidia Quadro like this:
  14. his getting a tesla
  15. obsidian86 said:
    his getting a tesla


    Those are powerfull gaphics cards...the cot is more that a norma GPU...but the performance is amazing...i get a quadro in my work and a xeon x2....the performance is really really really great...
  16. for the output of those cards its worth it
  17. berniemansell:

    I think you need a bit of education about CUDA and parallel processing. The device you are looking at works great for programs written to make use of it. Large mathematical problems with lots of variables for instance. There will be a few programs you can hunt up that will run on this Tesla, but they will be very specific programs that you will have no use for. Beyond that, you will need to write your own programs using C++ and I doubt you have any need for that or any experience.

    In short, you are trying to build a scientific computer to run CAD and games, when you really need a 3D computer.

    So, right there is $1300 you have saved.

    That money can go into an actual workstation board and water cooling, since you want to overclock a good bit.

    Until you have a nearer build date it's useless to discuss specific parts.

    You say you want to build this comp for gaming and CAD, but you are using two rather weak video cards.

    Let's just take the 1300 bucks the nVidia Tesla costs. For that money alone, you could get:

    X58 MB
    i7 920 CPU
    6GB RAM
    1TB HD
    750W PSU
    GTX 275 (Far faster than two 9600GTs and would run CAD better than SLI)
    A nice case
    A top-notch air cooler.
  18. exactly
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