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my pc was only about 2yrs old when I turned it on and nothing happened. There was no power. I went to Staples to get a new power source, but the tech said that wasn't the problem. It was probably my motherboard. Is it worth getting a new motherboard and where can I find cheap motherboards? thanks
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  1. Start by listing your system make and model number. Then I would search ebay for pricing and decide if it's worth replacing. Your windows operating system copy may require a bios version by dell, acer, hp, etc. If you don't have a restore or backup dvd of windows, then you'll need the same model of motherboard to restore your system. Your case may work fine with any standard micro-atx board; find one that works with your memory, and check craigslist for a windows operating system or coa sticker. New your motherboard is too expensive or may not be available anymore; motherboards have a short manufacturing lifespan.
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