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So uhm, I'm building a new pc, getting a gtx 260 with the 750i motherboard, and maybe planning to upgrade to ATI cards later, not sure.

Just wanna know that if I only run one GPU on the board, it doesn't matter if it's SLI or Crossfire certified, right?

Thanks guys
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  1. That is correct.
  2. That's right. However, if you have no intention on going SLI, then get an Intel chipset motherboard. Overall, they are better.
  3. @orangegator..

    Overall, they cost more.
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    It's a trade off. While I prefer nVidia GPU's, currently the ATI GPU's give more performance for the dollar. What you spend on an Intel chipset, you will save on the graphics cards.
  5. acer0169 said:

    Overall, they cost more.

    Hey fanboy, no, they don't. Especially true if you only need 1 pcie x16 slot. Check newegg's prices on p45 boards vs 750i or other nvidia boards.
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