HP f2105 Monitor Flashing Red Hue

Please help! When I turn my computer on the monitor comes up flashing bright red with lines going through horizontally. I can barely make out the icons as the screen continues to flash with this bright red color. Sometimes when I restart everything will be perfectly fine until the computer/montior is shut off and restarted again. I am not very computer savy so if anyone can help in "laymen" terms I would appreciate it!
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  1. You have bad video memory. Probably Qimonda memory chips on the video card.
    They do that. Replace the video card.
  2. Right now everything is good...darn, hate to spend money right now but I will stat researching for a new VG card now.....THANKS! (no chance it needs a new driver??)
  3. You can try upgrading the driver.
    I really think it's a bad card though.
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