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CPU Coolers, which one is better?

Hey guys, I've been researching and I think I really want to overclock my cpu even more. Right now I have a Core i3 530 @ 3.2ghz (slightly OC'd) but I can only seem to get it up to 3.4ghz before the heat takes over. Now, I've been looking at the "Cooler Master V6" and the "Cooler Master Hyper N520". They both seem very good for the price but I just can't decide between the two. Could someone tell me if they will work in my system and if they will fit, also which would you prefer. -thanks

System specs:

Core i3 530 @ 3.2ghz
Gigabyte H55M-UD2H motherboard
Mushkin Enhanced DDR3 2GBx2 1333mhz
Thermaltake TR2 500watt psu with 42amps on 12V rails

Most important to see if these cpu coolers will fit: the case

Cooler Master Elite 310
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  1. v6 no because your mobo is socket 1156, and it is for 1366
    Hyper N520 will
    but honestly, if your going for hardcore overclocking, and you have a little knowledge of water loops, go for water cooling

    cooler master elite 310 is a case fan :P
  2. Pardon me? My Elite 310 isn't a "case fan" lol, I think you mispelled it on google or something. Anyway, it does say on Cooler master's site that the V6 does support 1156. I do not want to spend more than $40 on a cooler. Otherwise I wouldve bought a $300 water cooling kit already
  3. I have a N520 and it works extremely well. The offset fans seem to line up better with front and rear case fans. It's a bit better than the very popular 212+. I have a V8 also, which seems somewhat comparable to the V6. Not much of a cooling difference from the N520.
    As far as I am aware, Cooler Master includes base plates and fastening hardware for all recent mobos.
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    I do not want to spend more than $40 on a cooler.
    then the Hyper 212+/EVO wins this budget race hands down - why you looking at the V6...the hyper performs better at OC'ing.
  5. ahem H80=+$40 :)
  6. No offense but you have to be high to think the H80 is $40. Its $100 on tigerdirect. I understand I will need to clean the thermal paste and reapply new paste. What is the absolute best thermal paste out there? I heard Arctic Cooling MX-4 is very good.
  7. :lol: thas what i said in a laymen fashion... :P

    Arctic silver, but that MX-4 is also great. If you can find it, get the ICD24 tube or shin-etsu
  8. Ohhhh, I just found a "Noctua NH-U9B SE2" on sale for $40 at my local store. I heard these are pretty much the best and before I go ahead and buy it will this fit in my Cooler Master Elite 310 case?
  9. googleit
  10. Okay now you're being an arse "lutfij" Can someone with a bit more intelligence than Lutfij please tell me if this cooler will fit in my current case?
  11. Not to worry I just purchased a Cooler Master 212 plus
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  13. thankyou for voting best answer, though - you'll know that googling things and reading will help you get an answer faster. :)

    * for future reference/readers, manufacturers usually post their coolers specs on their site showing dimensions, specs that will show if it fits in any particular case.
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