New to computer building seeking advice/guides

so i am one of the many people who wants to dive into the world of custom computer but has no idea what XYZ means or how they all fit together

i have a somewhat general idea on what most of the parts do but im still iffy on a few things (motherboard features, PSU requirements etc.)

what guides have helped u in the process? any tips when research/assembling a new rig?

i really dont want those "build a gaming rig for under $600" guides because they dont really tell me how to build a computer, just what to buy

all i want to know is what features that manufacturers advertise are, and how it affects the computer itself and maybe how all the parts fit together

thanks in advance

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    There are some general guides for build a computer out there, rockyjohn recently posted a link to a video series on how to assemble a computer

    If you have any specific questions about a certain part feel free to ask, you will be amazed how much information is available from the forum members, and when you get around to deciding on some parts post on this forum again, we will help you find good deals and potentially better parts. Always feel free to ask for our reasons, you cant learn if you dont ask.

    There are a bunch of PSU calculators available, but if you are interested in learning about PSUs, jonnyguru does PSU reviews and i have learned quite a bit about what makes a PSU good or bad from those.
  2. just watched the cpu part of the series explained alot ty

    but im still looking for a guide/list of what all the features that all the parts boast actually do or how they benefit your computer (examples PCIex16 slots XXXMHz, etc) stuff like that

  3. it would help if you told us your:

    what you want
    which screen you prefer?
  4. This is for when you start building; lists a lot of common pitfalls and things to look out for:

    Wikipedia has a lot of basic and not so basic material.
  5. Agreed, while its not the most legitimate source, it contains a lot of technical information written in a way that it is fairly easy to understand.

    Just remember you cant compare across manufactures. nVidia uses a few slower SP's that get more done per clock cycle, AMD uses a bunch of small fast ones that get less done per clock, which is why if you compare the specs of the 4870 and the GTX 260 you would never guess that they performed similiarly. To compare across manufacturers check the charts section on this site, it is fairly up to date. You can also learn alot by reading through the reviews on this site, some of it will be over your head for a bit but you will learn stuff quickly.
  6. thelivingflesh said:
    it would help if you told us your:

    what you want
    which screen you prefer?

    most of the external stuff outside the case im recycling from my current computer (ie monitor keyboard mouse headphones)

    im not really looking around to buy yet so i dont want people offering me buying lists and all that but my budget will probably be around under $1000 excluding ram and hdd (as i have recently gotten them for my current computer and will probably fit into the new rig

    PNY Optima MD4096KD2-800 4GB 2x2GB Dual Channel Kit DDR2 800 MHz CL 5-5-5-15 PC2-6400 Desktop DIMM Memory Module]

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 3.5 Inch, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD5000AAKS]
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