Is this CPU good?

Hey,is this CPU good? :AMD Phenom ii X4 810 2.6ghz.Does it run GTA IV,COD 4,5 easily wthout laggy? If i have all the others requirements and videocard ATI radeon hd 4650? And BTW im not talking about the greates CPUs.
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  1. 1. The 4650 is NOT a high end card. It's more like an HTPC card. You'll need a 48xx card or better for real gaming.

    2. What's your budget for the build? List full specs.

    3. What resolution do you plan to play at?

    4. Overclocking?
  2. well i gonna buy a compuer for 600 €
    And i think i gonna play games with like normal graphics and some thinks with higher but often with normal i think.What is HTPC card?? and what is 48xx card?So u mean that the 4650 is bad :S :/ :(
    Well is the CPU good?
    The computer name is:HP Pavilion p6240sc
    But do u think i can play the games i said before with normal graphics without laggy?
  3. Yes, the CPU is fine. Try and get a 4670 or a 4850/4830. HOWEVER, running any thing above a 4670 is a concern due to the fact that it's an OEM HP PC which dosen't have a high quality PSU. For gaming, GPU matters more than CPU.
  4. don't take 4670, go for 4850.
    and the most important thing is get a higher quality PSU for your system.
    Believe me, your system need that... :)
  5. Okey,thanks alot guys for your help :)
    I know i suck on computers and English but what PSU,GPU and OEM HP PC mean?
    And i would very well buy a 4850 BUT if i buy the computer for 600€ who got a hd 4650 i have to buy the hd 4850 separated.And that would be expensive.Ty guys for helping :)
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