CD/DVD Drive disappeared for 4 months

I have been scratching my head about this issue for about 4 months, Both my CD/DVD rom drives have suddenly vanished from bios and OS. the IDE cable is connected correctly(i guess) from the mobo to each Optical drive. the PSU cables are correctly connected and the dvdrom turns on but not recognized. i have no idea in what stage of my PC's hardware change this happened, i guess when i changed the mobo,ram and PSU. i removed one optical drive for me to test if it was a jumper issue, but i guess it wasn't since i set the only optical drive to master and that still didn't do it. i am currently on WIN 7 ULTIMATE on x82 and got an asus p5q pro turbo. i have been checking in the bios all day but since i'm not that advanced in networking i have no clue what some of the settings here are i guess some questions that can lead to a solution

1) do the jumper settings have to be in a specific order in combination with the HDD? because i installed one a couple of months back i dont know if that was the just realizing this problem today since i dont use my dvdrom alot since i need to format my PC.

2)how can i check if my MOBO runs sata and IDE together?

3)What could be the cause of such issue?

PS. thank you guys for the upcoming responses and also for the responses on my earlier threads here. :D

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  1. If your drives are IDE then set your hard drive to master and set your DVD drive to slave. you can not have the hard drive set as master and the dvd drive set to master on the same cable. The end of your data cable is the master and the other plug is the slave. Yes sata and IDE drives will work together. Check your motherboard and find out what sata drives it supports. For example sata 2.0, 3.0 or 6.0
  2. Both my HDD are SATA, and my optical drive is IDE so they are not on the same cable. does the master and slave jumper still apply?
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