Overclocked q9550 running at 83 C

So i went an OC'ed my q9550 to 3.5ghz and for the past 24 hours it has been under 100% load from prime95 and its been running at a constant 83 celsius, 17 degrees away from the TJmax which i read is where the real danger begins. Its passed every test and is still going strong, so that means it is stable and safe to keep at correct?

PS i got my info from Blameless's post a little down this page

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  1. either you have a bad thermometer or you need a new heatsink!
  2. Reseat your heatsink. 83c is just too high, I wouldn't run with those temps if I were you.

    What heatsink are you using anyway? I almost hope it's stock than we know whats wrong.
  3. I am using an arctic cooler 7, it comes with its own pre applied paste but when I first seated it I did lift it up then reapply it cause it came down wrong, I didn't think anything of it at the time but maybe the thermal paste didn't apply properly and is causing the high temps
  4. ACF7P is a not bad, average cooler. But I think you are running past its limits.

    Back when my Q6600 was my primary system, I discovered that I could run at 3.0 GHz t stock voltage with the stock cooler. With an ACF7P, I bumped into the Q6600 thermal limits at around 3.4 GHz. A TRUE let me run at 3.6 GHz.

    You need better cooling or you need to turn the OC down a little.
  5. Do you have a case that vents air to the outside after it gets heated by the CPU cooler? I found that it was more effective to bump the speed on the case fan that sucks air from the CPU area, than bumping the CPU fan speed itself.
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