2nd SATA drive gone!

I was running two hard disks, 1-WD Caviar black 1TB and 2-Seagate Barracuda 500GB without any problems.
but when I turned on my PC today, the system didn't detect my second HD.

I've tried loading the mobo fail-safe defaults, and changed the SATA cable and power cable, but nothing changed.

I would appreciate any advise. thnx.

PS: Is there something that I can do with the jumper?
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  1. Can you detect the hard drive at all? In device manager or even at a BIOS level? If not, test the hard drive in an external caddy or second computer and see if you can access it.

    If you still can't get to it - I'd say it's died.

    I have a long line of shitty Barracuda 500's that all failed on my pretty quickly (or at least quicker than I'd ever expect). Since then, it's been WD all the way and never a failed drive since.
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