Overclocking Asus GTX 550 (ENGTX550 Ti DC)

Hello :hello: :hello:

O.SWin 7 x64
OC software : ASUS SmartDoctor
CPU : Intel Core i5-2500k
PSU : Cooler master 500 watt
cooling system : none at the moment (stock)
RAM : 2*4GB TwinMOS 1333
MoBo : ASUS P8H67
GPU : ASUS nVidia GTX 550 Ti Dc 1 GB (910 Mhz default) , code : ENGTX550 Ti DC

defaults ( Engine : 910 MHz, Memory: 4104 MHz, Vcore: 1.125 V, Processor: 1820 MHz) as you can see in this screenshot
and this

I want to overclock it since and wanted to ask the OC PROs since I'm not one in OC ^_^

and it sux big time compared to my MSI Radeon HD 4870 (more app hangs, apps. that switch from full screen hangs a lot, games might crash while loading @ start) (while in MSI its not happening or if happened its for 2-5 sec unlike ASUS which might hit 1 min of waiting till application back to work !) so wanna OC it to make it close to the MSI :(

wish i bought another MSI radeon 4870 or higher instead of this SUX 550 GTX -.-

*I talked much
** bottom line, what are the best voltage and engine MHz and memory to set in ASUS SmartDoctor to OC ?

Thanks a lot in advance ^_^ :love:
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  1. no answer yet =/ :(
  2. "The highest overclock that we could get on the ASUS Ultimate GeForce GTX 550 Ti card was 1075MHz on the core, 2150MHz on the shaders and 1200MHz on the 1024MB of GDDR5 memory. "
  3. guys, i dont have the Ultimate nor the TOP edition

    i got the normal edition that has default clock = "910 MHz" i.e ""GPU : ASUS nVidia GTX 550 Ti Dc 1 GB (910 Mhz default) , code : ENGTX550 Ti DC ""
  4. Uninstall ASUS Smart Doctor and install MSI Afterburner. You also need create a fain profile to keep your GPU the most coolest as possible, after that start to rise the core clock in little steps as well as the memory clock and test for stability
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