USB Disk erase?

I have Windows 7 Media edition on my laptop, and I just started schooling for Computer Programming. All the computer systems at school run some type of Linux Distro. I figured I would go ahead and erase windows from my laptop and permanently learn/run Linux. How do I go about completely erasing my current laptop hard drive via USB/Flash Drive? The BIOS doesn't allow me to boot from CD so all the shredders I found wont let me mount the ISO file into my flash. Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: Not looking to add a partition, but simply destroy the current hard drive and fresh install Linux (Probably Mint or Ubuntu.
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  1. Hi there,

    You might try in the DiskMgmt in the context menu of the Volume, delete the volume. It then reverts to unallocated space. If this is a basic disk with a single large partition as you C drive, it may not permit you to do this.

    Recheck your BIOS options, in the CMOS settings there is a "Boot Priority" which you set for Hard Drive, Floppy, CD/DVD, USB etc. You have to be able to boot from a CD/DVD or USB or Floppy, how else would you install any OS on a new build?

    Here is a URL that describes how to make a USB bootable, and then copy Ubuntu to the flash drive for installation.

    Hope it's helpful.
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