Overclocking gpu causing weird problem.

Ok first off here's my system....

Blu ray drive







2 seagate hdd's , 1 160 gig as the main boot disk and a 500 gig that has Steam and most of my games on it.

Well my problem arises when I try and overclock my Gpu. I used the software that came with the card and I've tried MSI afterburner. Anything more than a few increments above the regular 700mhz core clock causes the 2nd hard drive to not be recognized, it took me forever to figure out that the gpu overclock was causing it as I had just thought the hard drive had just bit the dust, upon removing the oc, everything went back to normal. I've tried again a few times to make sure that was the problem and the same thing happens. Now I'd hate to have to keep going in there and switching sata cables around to see if it's a certain port thats conking out (why the hell should I have to do that anyway) but has anyone else ever encountered such a problem? And is there a simple solution? Or is my motherboard or some other component just a pos that I should replace. I know I don't have a super high end power supply but it's served me well for a while.
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    Try another PSU, your current one is unknown model and might not be delivering the written Amps and Wattage.
    Anyway it's a weird problem really, but my assumption is that the 12V rail might not delivering the rated wattage to both the GPU and HDDs.
  2. +1 to trying another psu.

    the pcix bus is seperate from the fsb and its not like MSI would be changing the multiplier on the FSB even if it wasn't (Which often times leads to devices not being recognized at startup).

    Even if returning the GPU to normal "fixes" the problem you will probably want to replace the PSU anyways, since this could mean a rail is operating very close to its limit.
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