Which GFX card is best for my res

Im currently running a 9800gt in my system and my games at 1680x1050

Im looking at buying a GTX 260 (216) at $113 and an ATI 4890 at $120 (its on offer) the prices should be in english pounds but for some reason i dont have a pound key :S

The GTX comes with the new Batman game and some 3d glasses or something and the 4890 doesnt have any bundle

My system:
GFX- 9800gt
hdd- 500gb sata2
disc drive- dvdrw sata
Ram- 2gig
Wireless card

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  1. 4890 at £120 is an absolute steal. At those prices, it's the easy choice even with Batman on the 260.

    The 260 is a very capable card however, and you can't really go wrong with it at that price either.

    You might want to wait a week or two until you see the new ATI's (that's why these awesome cards are so cheap right now).
  2. ATI have new cards coming out already? some many cards coming out so fast these days! I cant keep up! :o

    I will most likely be waiting a week or so anyway while i get some funding sorted if the prices go down even lower then i cant lose :D
  3. A 260 + game + beer = instant gratification.
  4. That is very tempting :P
  5. I hate Nvidia I really do, but that 260 bundle is exceptionally good value and I can't lie about it.

    But I'd still take the 4890, reason being you might think Batman sucks then you paid £7 less for a card that isn't as good as the 4890.

    Imo, hold on another week or two and see what ATI release at the £100 mark.
  6. yeh sounds like a good idea to wait for a bit, besides when they come out the prices of today's cards should hopefully drop even more :)
  7. More likely the new cards will just be priced higher and the old cards will stay about the same as they are now.
  8. Yes the new cards will be priced higher, ofc they will. But you do get what you pay for.

    If I had to buy a dx10 card right now, I'd be worried that dx11 turns out to be really, really awesome. We just don't know enough yet, best to wait.
  9. Well I don't feel that the Ati cards will be worth paying more for, but I agree with the waiting part as it's still unknown just how much better the Nvidia cards will be.
  10. ATI may have new cards coming out soon; they will make an announcement on Sept 10th. The initial cards are expected to cost about $300 for the HD5870 and $250 for the HD5850.

    If someone has offered you the HD4890 for $120, then grab it ASAP. It won't drop to that price when the HD5xxx come out.
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