Problem with DVI Connection to my PC with Samsung P2350

Hi i just got my New Samsung P2350 today from ebuyer. I got it all set up fine and everything but when i connected my PC to the monitor. The monitor doesnt recognise my computer. It just says "Check Digital cable" on the screen repeatedly. Ive tried litrally everything. Changed DVI cables, Got the Latest ATI drivers, Installed all the drivers and softweare with the disc it came with. Everything :( But nothing. I have plugged my xbox 360 with the VGA HD cable and it works flawlessly. My computer will connect to my samsung TV and my older monitor fine so im pritty sure its not my computer. ( at least i dont think so). Any help would be most Appreciated thanks :)

PC specs:
AMD 6000+ 3.0ghz
ATI 4850 512mb Powercolor
M2N-e Motherboard
Windows XP home Edition 32bit
Catalyst drivers 9.8
And both Analogue and digital Drivers installed for the monitor. :S

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. You may have tried this. Is the DVI cable plugged into the monitor correctly? I often have to make sure the pins are lined up the right way. Bent pins are a real pain to fix.
  2. sprucebr1 said:
    You may have tried this. Is the DVI cable plugged into the monitor correctly? I often have to make sure the pins are lined up the right way. Bent pins are a real pain to fix.

    yeh there prefectly fine and fitted in firmly.
  3. I have the same problem. Anyone knows?
  4. I am having a similar problem with mine. I also have a Samsung P2350. I am using ATI Radeon HD2900XT. When I first connected it - no display - but works fine with my other Samsung 19" monitor. I connect my new P2350 to my PS3, works flawlessly, I connect it to my other PC, works flawlessly... but when I connect it to my main PC, it won't show.
    Then after plugging in my older 19" monitor, I set the resolution lower, and then reconnected my P2350. Windows 7 finally recognized the Monitor, but it flickers (Picture comes on then off) almost like going to sleep mode for a sec and then coming back on. Does this sometimes every minute or so and sometimes does it more often like 3-4 times within 10secs.
    I notice as well, since I have 2 other monitors hooked up to it, they stay on, but the P2350 still goes on and off on its own. Then I also found that if my active window is on the P2350, it starts to flicker on and off, but if I move my active window like explorer and drag it to the other monitors, the P2350 stays on...

    If I connect the P2350 to any other source like my PS3 or another PC, works 100% fine. Then I re-installed windows and every driver from scratch on my main PC to see if it was a OS/driver issue, but the problem still remains.

    Just wondering since this monitor is HDCP compliant, if the handshaking between my HD2900XT and this monitor has issues?
  5. Hmm I think I must have found a fix - so far no blanking out! I went to my display properties, changed the refresh rate from 60Hz to another rate (like 59, 50 or whatever), then changed it back to 60Hz and so far no more blanking out of the screen! Seems like almost default its running at a different rate even thou it does say 60Hz, but changing it to another and back to 60Hz for some reason fixed my problem! So far it's been working all day, not one time did it blank out - unlike it did every few minutes or so... but I'll keep watch and update this status if something arises... :)
  6. My P2350 keeps turning itself on in the middle of the night.. I've started leaving it unplugged now...
    Many reports of this model turning itself off.. though mine hasn't done that to me... I suspect there is a design flaw with the touch control electronics or something...
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