Trouble getting 2 SATA devices to play nice

OK, you guys were a big help with our basic build. It's a lightweight internet/word processing computer

Gigabyte G31M-Es2L Mobo
WD Caviar 500GB HD, connected to SATAII1
4 GB Corsair RAM

I have also had my Very Old Hitachi Hard Drive and a generic CD burner running on IDE, with the Hitachi as "Master", the CD as "Slave".

Everything worked fine.

I just tried to add a Samsung SATA DVD burner, connected to SATAII2

Not only doesn't it want to talk to the new SATA device, it doesn't want to boot.
On one attempt the whole (nearly new) computer didn't power up at all -- just spun fans for a second.
Scared the heck out of me.

The CMOS Integrated Peripherals is set to "Auto"

Any ideas why new burner would be causing all this trouble?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can try using a Windows 98 boot disk to boot from the SATA DVD drive.
    It was a problem years ago with the new SATA DVD drives.
  2. You may need a RAID driver if the DVD drive is on a proprietary SATA controller.
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