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I am currently trying to overclock my Phenom II X3 720 BE processor and I have it 'stable' at 3.6 GHz and the CPU Vcore at 1.475 V. What I mean by the quotes is that when I run wPrime for 10 minutes, it runs fine, but when I play a game like Civilization 5 for a couple of hours I get a 0x124 BSOD. Civ 5 makes my CPU run at about 60-80% usage continuously, by the way.

I have seen other people overclocking this processor at my current setup fine (Source) but when I try to use this setup, it obviously fails after a while. Should I try raising my CPU Vcore a little? Or should I try raising my north bridge voltage and/or frequency?

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  1. 1.475 is getting quite high, what temperatures is your system running at.

    are you using aftermarket cooling?

    each CPU will overclock differntly. getting those numbers on the top of the chart you linked wont happen with every cpu

    3.6 would be a nice everyday overclock i think.
    there is NO way i would run a CPU every day at 1.5v or over. they are benchmarking only setups designed for 30mins of use at a time.
  2. I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler. My temperatures at idle are 20 C and at max ~35 C.

    So are you saying I should lower my Vcore? Could that be the reason why I am getting BSOD's?

    Also, is it alright if my Vcore is above the manufactures suggested maximum of 1.425 V?
  3. What is your psu ?
    Error 0x124 is ussualy not enough power / voltage cpu, you need ran at 4hour minimal use prime95. Or use intelburn test 20x at memory high/maximum. if in the test you get bsod .. Try raise voltage cpu.

    Some cases it caused by bad psu, if ran at fulload game rail+12v psu will drop. It cause your system hungry power.
  4. My PSU is a 600W Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 Series. So it is definitely supplying enough power to my parts. I'm not really sure I want to raise my Vcore more than 1.475, that is already pretty high.
  5. did you just use the muti or use fsb in addition to multi to overclock? what are your nb and ram volts?
  6. Hi I have almost your same setup and I have my 720 at 3.6 GHz 1.488V (24/7 for more than a year), I have to say that I did make it to 3.8 but my voltage was uncomfortably high...
  7. sid_nag said:
    did you just use the muti or use fsb in addition to multi to overclock? what are your nb and ram volts?

    I am using only the multiplier for oc'ing. I have a 200MHz core * 18 multiplier to make 3.6GHz.

    My north bridge is set to go between 1.1 - 1.25V, which is Auto.
    My ram is set to be at 7-8-7-24 @ 1.6V, which is the default.
  8. yea i can't get mine past 3.6 as a quad core and i cant get it past 3.8 as a triple so i think there is a wall with these chips
  9. A lot of older revision Phenoms hit a wall around 3.5GHz, I couldn't make mine hit 3.6 until I put 1.53v into it. I'd stick to 3.4-3.5ish, you can try upping the "FSB" to get a bit more out of it, but I wouldn't hope for more.

    I'd go for 3.4-3.5 and a 2400-2600MHz northbridge.
  10. The answer to your wprime stability vs game instability is that a voltage bump, may be a lot, can stabilise the OC. I can run my CPU at 1.125V stable for prime95, IBT and OCCT, but crashes when playing PoP:2008. A voltage bump to 1.175V is needed in my case.
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