What is the best Colling fan on Intel Sandybridge?

Can someone can give me the best cooling fan for my Intel i5 2500k? my board is GA-H61-d2-b3.
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  1. its the thermaltake frio
  2. Unless that cpu/mobo combo is giving you a 4.5+ GHz oc i wouldn't concern myself too much with an expensive cooler.
    A CM 212+/Evo would be fine.
  3. i researched and they say the v8 is best
  4. a_tractor said:
    i researched and they say the v8 is best

    The best price/performance coolers in CM's lineup are the 212+ and the V6GT.
    The V8 is mediocre it's ok but not their best.
    It's a rather old discussion,here on the OC thread.
    The OP needs to be more forthcoming on his intentions/uses and what he currently has his cpu clocked at.
    He has a sub $100 entry level mobo a H61.
    I personally don't recommend coolers costing the same amount as the posters mobo.
    Not that the V8 does but the most highly regarded air coolers certainly do.
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