How to set a message on desktop of xp for users

Hi just repair a computer for a colleague ( home computer Compaq Presario).
Managed to save all is settings including the desktop Shortcuts and icons.
What I would love is to have a text message displaying on the desktop at bootup warning them to install their original copy of antivirus (Symantic)

Allready tried the following
Message Queuing
acknowledgment message
performance alert
performance counter
performance object
performance object instance

administration queue
administrative alerts

From xp advanced administrator tools but they realy use to much CPU bandwidth so I was thinking of a normal hiper text to be inserted in the boot.ini to be display that all
any sugestions are welcome :pt1cable:

Thank you

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  1. It won't be as "pretty" as a system message, but couldn't you just write a small .bat file to put up a message, and just put that in the startup folder? That shouldn't use much CPU bandwidth.
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