Cannot find ehternet controller

Hi all!

I just re installed windows 7 pro x64. the 1st time went off without a hitch. this time win 7 does not recognize my ethernet controller. i went to asus site and downloaded the driver for win 7. there does not seem to be a way to install it. i can not see the device in my device manager. i d'l everything i should need but the other two lan drivers that have an exe file give me an error stating i need the controller first. i have looked everywhere and everyone keeps saying to DL the some thing I have. There is no exe for the driver. The mobo disk will not run, not even in compatibility mode b/c it does not support win 7. i am completely stuck. mobo is asus p5q.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. update:

    ok when i try and run any of the windows controllers, which should work, it says "this device cannot start (code 10)". i checked the bios and it is enabled...
  2. If the driver file you downloaded is zipped, make sure you extract the files. Then in the device manager, right click on your ethernet device (it probably has a yellow ! on it) and click properties. Click on update driver, and point it to the file you've downloaded.
  3. hi aford10!

    thanks for your reply. the ethernet controller i downloaded only seems to be a .sys file and a doc file with some jibberish i dont understand lol. the other 2 lan controllers i downloaded give an error that the controller is not found. windows does not see a driver and the built in ones give me the error i stated above. i will indeed keep trying though thanks!
  4. Inside the Lan folder double click on the setup.exe file. That'll install your driver.
  5. yeah, i just keep getting "installer cant find atheros ar8121/ar8113/ar8114 ethernet controller on your system" every time i try to install it.

    Files im trying:



    does it have something to do with the fact that in device manager it says "unknown device"? this missing controller is built into the windows driver list. when i attempt to install i get "this device cannot start (code 10).

    stumped... :(

    edit: is there a way to tell if it is a hardware issue? i have installed win many times including RC, Beta and distribution. I have never experienced this issue before, i would just install the driver and be done.
  6. The error code 10 is referencing a driver issue. If your ethernet controller is the 'unknown' device, right click and uninstall it. Then restart the PC. It should check for new hardware on restart.
  7. hello again!

    so i broke down and brought it to a professional :( lol
    they tested the port and its dead, good reason for why i couldnt install a driver on it. He thinks some sort of power surge went through the network cable. never the less, it is confirmed dead. The rest of the board seems ok so got fingers crossed!

    thanks again for your efforts!

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