Gts 250 running slow.

I have a gts 250 512 and its running some games really slow. COD4 at 1280 x 1024 is only like 50 fps and dips to the high 20s some times. Crysis is down to like 5 fps, no AA or AF. All current drivers.
Could my mobo only being a x16 the problem?

Thats my mobo. And if you click on the pics you can see that it says pci expressx16 @x4.

New to configuring comps so please help.
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  1. I also have the same problem. I just recently changed from my old 9400GT to a brand new GTS 250, but it made no improvments at all. Even at low settings, my games still lag.

    I tried asking around other forums, but those didn't really help much..
    Hope I could get a reply on this soon..
  2. I would try for both of you uninstalling the display drivers then reboot and run a program called driver sweeper from and then reboot and install the latest drivers becuase sometimes drivers cause really crappy performance.
  3. What are your system specifications?

    Could be a cpu bottleneck, PSU not supplying enough power, Direct X needs an update, poor driver installation....
  4. i got e7500 at 3.5ghz. 4 gb memory, 700watt kingwin psu, and my mobo listed in first post. I did driver sweeper for new drivers. and i have newest direct x
  5. and have vista sp2 64 bit
  6. although that psu brand is not a known brand but i think it can run gts250. anyways did u connect the 6pin pcie power connector with the card? check it out, clean the driver then install latest driver. when running games see if ur gpu is being used 100% or close to that or it is idle. if nothing works then install it in another pc to test it. if that also doesnt work then the card is defective
  7. Everything is connected and up to date, cleaned and installed latest drivers. Is it my mobo, i posted its link in my opening post.
  8. Maybe the gts 250 is overheating due to some reason try a different cooler or thermal paste i got the gts 250 and i'm playin these games one ultra high graphics especially crysis using a 400w power supply. Or you have too many stuff in your case like fans and lights so the power supply can't handle the gpu's needs. Also try disabling nvidia physx.
  9. and if you are using win vista go to power options in control panel and set it to high performance
  10. You may have too many tasks running in the background such as multiple virus checkers, etc...

    Your mobo at X16 is not the problem. At your resolution you should be getting much higher framerates. But your overclocked CPU could be a problem if it's heating up. Run it on stock and see if the problem goes away....
  11. No what i was saying about my mobo, is that gigabyte decided to be morons and make it a pcie expressx16 but @4. Meaning I only have 4 lanes. I'm convinced this is my problem.
  12. Are you sure your PCI-E x 16 slot runs only o 4 lanes? I find that hard to believe since it's a fairly new G41 chipset mobo and I'm only aware of older SLI mobos where the lanes were reduced or limited.
    Did you Google tech reviews for that mobo?
  13. yes im sure its only running 4 lanes. Says so right on the mobo. google the ga-g41m-es2h and look at the specs. WHat a shitty thing to do by Gigabyte. Wish i would of known what to look for when i ordered. Oh well, more motivation for an I7.
  14. That pcie x16 slot is a version 1not a PCIEx16 ver 2.0. Its going to run that GTX 250 slower than it would in a computer with the correct version PCIE slot.
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