Where do I go to Overclock?

Hi everyone

Just a quick question. Where do I need to go to Overclock my Processor? I know you need to go onto the BIOS but where do you go from there?


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  1. if it's AMD you can get a overclock tool from AMD page.
  2. Ahh okay thanks. So you don't have to go to the BIOS?
  3. To get the best oc possibly using your bios over a oc tool is way better. I would read a few tutorial on ocing.
  4. only if you have an amd processor. otherwise you'll have to enter the bios and fiddle around in there, but not all motherboards can oc that well. I think the boards from companies like dell or acer have boards which don't really let you oc. it doesn't let me do it on mine, at any rate.
  5. I see. Because when i go to the Processor section of the BIOS, everything to do with the Processor is greyed out, and I can't see anything to do with the multiplier or anything like that. I'm guessing that I can't overclock if this is happening?
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