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Short version.... How much faster is the E7500? Is it worth an extra $70 when buying a new desktop?
Intel® Pentium® dual-core E5300 (2MB L2, 2.6GHz, 800FSB)
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7500 (3MB L2, 2.93GHz, 1066FSB)
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    If your motherboard support FSB 1066MHz then go for e7500, it's faster and more cache then e5300... :)
  2. It will handle 13?? (I forget the last two numbers), so I went with the faster one. Thanks for pointing that out!
  3. wow, i'm the only one posting here and u just choose me as best answer...
    it's just my suggestion, maybe there's any other suggestions from anyone in this forum, well, they are had more experiences....
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