Help for a New $500-$700 Gaming Rig


BUDGET RANGE: $500-$700 (the lower the better)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: GAMING, video editing, surfing the interwebs.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, OS (Windows 7)


PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD (AM3 please), but im open for anything that has a better price : performance ratio.

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, i want the most bang for my buck. :)

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Possibly in the future.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: i need this to be VERY upgradeable for when im not so tight on money, or when its the time of year to upgrade again. i want this case, so include it in price, but don't look for an alternate for me. Also, i want to be able to play these games on maxed settings: Crysis (Warhead), Call of Duty 4 and 5, TF2, and pretty much any other newer game i throw at this beast.
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  1. thanks man. anything else that people have to suggest?
  2. +1 to hunter315, but you said you're overclocking get the Core contact freezer cooler which is 25 dollars after MIR from newegg

    why that case? just a heads up, air flow isnt good in that case and might increase overall temps (gpu,cpu,hdd..etc)
  3. lol, because it looks great and its cheap. any suggestions for a case around same price that has better airflow and looks good?
  4. Nice black with good airflow and the option to turn it into a hurricane inside, it comes with the same amount of fans as the NZXT one but has the option for 3 more if you need the added cooling.
    or for 10 more you can get the illusions case, those two blue fans generally go for 15 each so you get $30 worth of fans for $10.
  5. How about this one. Just a few changes, good combo with PSU and a bit cheaper. It includes your original case, but may leave room to swap it out.


    Gigabyte mobo:

    Corsair PSU \ 4850 1GB:

    X3 720 \ OCZ Gold:

    Plus your case comes out to $685 shipped minus a rebate or two. That's one helluva deal on that PSU and GPU.
  6. Unless my shopping cart is jacked, adding in hunter's more expensive case, the total is only $676.89.
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