HD4850 died? help.

Hi im just new here. :hello: & this is the problem, I believe my powercolor hd4850 died already. Under normal circumstances everytime I start my computer I can hear my Hd4850 fan running I believe at 100% fanspeed (its loud) but it only lasts for about 2-3 seconds but the fan goes back to normal when the monitor finally shows info and starts to boot up. That has been the case for the last 6 months, but its ok. So is that normal?

But last week, when I open my computer, all that I hear is the loud fan from my HD4850 and it doesn’t boot up. I removed the card and plug the monitor to the on-board video & my cpu starts normally again. I put it back, & again all that I hear is the loud video fan & wont boot up. So definitely my HD4850 is the culprit why it doesn’t start.

I have a Gigabyte Superb 550, 450 watts psu.
Core2duo E8400 no overclock
2 gig
Asus p5kpl g31 mobo.

Im just a noob actually, I have very limited idea about that bios thing. I want to know how I can fix this thing or what could be the reason?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Welcome to the forums.

    But I'm sorry - it sounds like it's died.

    The fact you put your monitor into your onboard and it works fine, but wont even show bios via your GPU is a bad sign. If it's still under warranty, RMA it. If it's not under warranty, there might be a few more tests you can do to see if it's died but it does seem that way.

    Double check all the cables are in correctly and nothing silly like the powercable has come loose etc.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. Try checking the card in any other computer.
    See if it works...........
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