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Which of these 2 SSDs should i get

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May 31, 2011 9:44:00 AM

The options are the OCZ Vertex 2 180GB & the Intel 310 160GB
I'd really like the extra 20GB but I can't find the Vertex 2 for less that £238. Is it worth the extra £23? Is there anywhere reputable selling it cheaper?

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May 31, 2011 2:25:36 PM

Out of those two go with the vertex. Its got a huge amount more write speed. Which I'm assuming you need or you wouldn't be bothering with a SSD in the first place due to the price.
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May 31, 2011 2:34:38 PM

For performance - Outside benchmarks, In real life the performance should be close. For reliability - The Intel. In performance, (benchmarks) the Vortex-2 is slightly faster. But here, I'd go with the reliabilty an get the Intel SSD.
Intel's SSD 320 would've been a great drive to have a year ago. Its performance is comparable to Micron's C300 or anything based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller, which last year was just awesome. If you've got a 3Gbps controller and need a drive today the 320 still isn't a bad option, particularly if Intel is promising even better reliability than the previous generation. End quote
Also see:

Added: With the vertex-2 models, there are some out there that have a reliabilty issue. The 34 nmeter based vertes-2 have better stats on few problems than the newer (Smaller die size) vertex 2. Might take a look at newegg reviews (I know you are not goinging to buy from them and as always take the reviews with a grain of salt).

On size: only a consideration (when going above 120 gigs) is if the 20 gigs is needed.
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May 31, 2011 5:03:02 PM

Well I'm looking for that balance between price and size. It'll be a tight squeeze fitting things on a 160-180GB drive but I can always move more files over to my HDD if they wont fit. Seeing as the price per GB of SSD storage is on the decline, I figure that In a years time I'll be able to get a faster larger drive for less money. Until then though those extra 20 gigs would allow me to keep my steam games on the SSD. At the point when I upgrade the one I get now is going to go to my laptop. For that reason I knead it to be big enough to hold all the programs and files I have on my laptop. At the moment that's 105GB But I'm shore it'll grow.

At this point the added reliability of the Intel drive is wining me over. I'll be buying it the day after tomorrow so I have till then to decide.

PS. After writing that post I Had a look and cleaned out my laptop. Seams I'm only using 80GB. Maybe I should be looking smaller drive and save some dosh.
a c 353 G Storage
May 31, 2011 5:25:00 PM

Myself, I find a 120 gig SSD to work fine. Have two laptops, bout with 120 gig SSD. and two desktops with 120 gig SSD. The desktop that I'm currently using while building up my SB, also has a 80 Intel G2 SSD that I store the page file from boot SSD and my most often used data. Laptops the 120 gig SSDs have been fine. I also use a LARGE thumb drive and/or an esate/USB3 HDD if I need the storage. Neither laptops have daul HDD bays, Which my next one WILL have.

Might look at the agility III SSD (Slightly Lower performance, BUT cheaper than vertex III) - But again Intel has reliability going for it.
May 31, 2011 6:14:11 PM

Now I'm in the early stages of PC nerdyness so "building up my SB, also has a 80 Intel G2 SSD that I store the page file from boot SSD" doesn't mean allot to me. What's an SB, what is the page file, what's the need to store it somewhere different and how do you do that?

I think I'll get a 120 gig 320. Is there any difference in the models? Should I go for newer or cheaper?

Edit: SB means Sandy Bridge doesn't it. *smacks forehead* I am a fool. Would still like to know what "the page file from boot SSD" is.
a c 353 G Storage
May 31, 2011 7:40:03 PM

(1) Page file also called virtual memory. If you run out of "Real" memory windows will use your hard drive and swap what is in real memory to the HDD and when that is need, swap it from HDD back into memory. You take a reall hit on this when it happens with a HDD, not so much when it is on an SSD. Windows defaults to placing the pagefile to C drive. But many with a smaller SSD move this file (It is typically 4->6gigs) to a HDD. I recommend that you leave it on the SSD. There are some that move it, not because of space, but to reduces writes to the SSD. MLC cells can only be written to about 10K times - Not a big problem unless your writting a large amount of data on a daily basis.

The hybernation file is a hidden file that is the same size as your Ram and when ever the computer goes to sleep this file is overwritten with what is currently in memory.

Rather than post specific links. Google SSD tweaks to learn more.

If looking at SATA II, get the High end if SATA II (On with the SF1200 controller). The Vertex-2 (Just an example of Sata II SF1200) Blows the doors off of a HDD. Other than boot time, and benchmarks, Not a hugh diff compared to SATA III SSD for many users.

The advantage of SATA III is that it is faster and more future proof, Is it worth a $100 (For 120 gig drive, less for smaller) premium - That is up to the individual.

Added: On page file. You want to set the min/max to the same value. This prevents windows from auto changing it when ever it feels like. Windows often sets the size to 1 1/2 times the Ram size. With 4 gigs ram set it to 4096M, with 8gigs ram - 2048M. (The size I indicated are just my choices, others have diff values even to disabling the page file)
For Location (Hope I get this right (LOL). Go to control panel, System and security. Select System and security on left side.
Select Advanced system settings, then advaced tab. Select performance Setting, then select advaced again, then select Virtual memory (Hit Change button).
Here you can change the location and size of the page file.
You can google this "Change virtual memory" pick one and then follow step by step.
May 31, 2011 7:54:47 PM

Oh I didn't mean newer models in terms of SATA II vs SATA III. I meant versions of the 320. Turns out I was just looking at OEM vs Reltail prices.
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May 31, 2011 8:04:11 PM

For some reason it would not let me edit my message - added the step on How to
May 31, 2011 11:16:41 PM

So I should reduce the page file to 2 gigs to make the SSD last longer?
a c 353 G Storage
May 31, 2011 11:28:13 PM

Not really, Might shave a little time off. I've been doing that (Setting min/max to the same size) before SSDs. For HDDs it reduces fragmentation, For SSDs I just do not like the increase/decrease of the swap file. I'm quessing you're going with 8 gigs ram since you indicated 2 Gigs. There are some (w/8gigs) that reduce the swap file even further, and a select few that take it to zero. I have 16 gigs ram and still set it to 2 gigs (does not hurt) as windows balks at setting it to zero and there are a few programs that also balk if no swap file.