Building Game Server

Hi I Need advice pls.. :bounce:

I'm looking for guidance on building a Dedicated "Gaming Server"
[OS Linux]

For COD5 / Modern Warfare.

(not a "gaming rig" which would be 'high-end use')

I have done a lot of research, result=confusion :pt1cable: ..I'm hoping that u guys & gals here, in the Best Hardware Forum round, can help! :love: <zinco kisses azz>

Any advice on "Gaming Server" would greatly be appreciated!

(video,networking,sound..can all be on-board)
(not important right now -->>HD,SATA,RAM,CASING)


thx!! :hello:

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  1. Budget?

    Number of connections?
  2. Proximon said:

    Number of connections?

    thx m8 4 ur quick response!

    Im starting with Comcast Cable connection at 6mb line with 1mb upload.
    and an ftp hosting sight in Europe for the dl's

    Starting with 20 connections

    and $ .. ummm I'd say $500-$700 .. preferring $500 or less if possible.. :whistle:

  3. Well, providing the Linux distro you use has the hardware covered, I don't think it's too hard.

    AMD X4 920

    Gigabyte AM3 785G board

    DDR3 RAM (Start with 4GB and go from there if you need more)

    Just some small stable PSU... Great deal on a 400CX atm:
  4. Just head on over to Gigabyte and see if they have any Linux drivers posted for the board. Obviously sound is not very important, and the video is no problem, but you need chipset and network compatibility.
  5. thx Proximon 4 ur advice,

    I'm reviewing the hardware by names..
    all good now :)

  6. what Bistro do u ppl prefer for a Gaming Server?
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