Would gpu be ok in my system

i have a phenom quad core pc with 4 gig of ram (amd athlon) i have a lcd monitor and run at res 1280 x 1024,my psu is a 480 watt, in a year i will be buying a 1080 p tv and the monitor is for use up until then,i would like to add the gainward gtx260 gpu and my question is this,would this card be ok in my spec pc as it is? i am new to pc gaming in general and have limited knowledge.any info would be grateful,thank you!
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  1. ^ Could you tell the correct model number of your CPU and the power supply...

    As for the GTX 260, it is an overkill for your resolution...Get a cheap HD 4850 for now and then when you buy the 1080p TV, get a new graphics card then...And by that time, there will be newer, faster graphics cards from both ATI and Nvidia...
  2. thank you,great idea,which ati gpu would you go for?the 4850 or the 4770? i have looked at these too and am not sure,i would like to play games like crysis,wolfenstien,call of duty etc.
  3. Get which ever is cheaper...Both are very good...
    The 4770 consumes very less power so if the price difference is very less, then get that...
  4. I agree get a cheap card now then upgrade. Honestly at that resolution a cheap 9600gso would do the trick.

  5. ^+1. For $35 can't be beat.

    2OP: WHAT PSU? List brand and specs.
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