Blown PSU - GPU Related?

First of all, apologies if I'm in the wrong place here.

I have a few woes with my computer atm. I was playing Football Manager 2010 on my PC a couple of days ago, I went to play a match and the graphics glitched and my PC turned off. Upon trying to start the PC again, there was no power going to my mobo. So, yesterday, I went out and bought a new PSU, was working fine all day yesterday and today. That was however, with no graphically taxing apps or games. I went to play Dragon Age and a few minutes in, again the computer turned off. Much to my annoyance, once again I'm not getting power to my mobo.

So it seems something is causing my PSU's to blow. While it's only blown while playing games, I'm taking a punt that it could possibly be my GPU? Although I've never had any problems before depsite a lot of gaming.

Also, I tried a much older PSU which is giving me power but wont POST. The PC powers up but I get nothing on screen at all.

Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.

My Specs are as follows -
EVGA 680i mobo
8800GTX graphics card
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  1. What wattage, name brand, and amperage ratings were your power supplies? To me, it seems as if you aren't getting enough power to your system. However, that wouldn't entirely explain why the power supply dies (if I understood your post correctly).

    When gaming, your system (including gpu) will draw more power. Which, obviously, is supplied through your power supply. If the system wants to draw more power than the power supply can handle, the system will crash. Especially when gaming, a strong power supply is of necessity.
  2. The first was a Z-Power, 550W PSU.
    Triple 12V rail. Amperage as follows.
    +3.3V - 24A
    +5V - 26A
    +12V1 - 16A
    +12V2 - 18A
    +12V3 - 16A
    -12V - 0.8A
    +5Vsb - 2.5A

    The latest was a Win Power 600W, not sure about amperage - bought it cheap so probably not even as good as the above one. I don't recall any problems with the first one despite gaming. I've taken a look at a new one but I'm hesitant to spend money on a decent one if it could just die again.

    If I bought one and it went again, would I be able to get a refund or replacement fro the store? Probably depends on the store in fairness.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. Stop buying inexpensive PSU's and buy a good one. That's cheaper than buying several that do not work - or do not work long.

    The Z-Power, for example, has three 12 volt rails, each with a max capacity of 18 a, 16 a, and 16 a. That does not mean that you can pull 50 amps from the 12 volt outputs. That's 600 watts - from a 550 watt PSU? Don't think so.

    Neji said:

    Also, I tried a much older PSU which is giving me power but wont POST. The PC powers up but I get nothing on screen at all.

    Then it only looks like it's giving you power. Obviously, it is not giving you something that you need.
  5. Give your system a break then try to turn it on again and check The temps of the CPU and the VGA in full load.
  6. I'm pretty sure my Corsair 650 HX has either a 5, 6 or 7 year warrant... should it decide to die, its cost would justify me going through the RMA process to get a new one... I'd be out about $7 shipping and that would be that. That said... I'm not really expecting it to die any time soon... no matter what I throw at it.
  7. I know that PSU is one thing you shouldn't scrimp on, I had a 750W Zalman at first but that is the one which gives me power but nothing else. I didn't fancy spending a lot on another, hence the cheaper option.

    I've ordered a Corsair 950W, which will come tomorrow so hopefully that should fix it. It comes with a 5 year warranty so if it goes, it's not the end of the world.

    So you guys are pretty sure it will be the PSU just being crap?

    Thanks again for the replies, the help is appreciated.
  8. It seems the PSU is to blame.

    Just wondering, though, we're you able to try the new PSU out yet?
  9. When these things happened to me, I found that lack of secc type case was culprit, and standoffs for mobo, and mobo tray.

    claiming all these power needs is ridiculous. you could take that system back to a single rail 300w.

    check for a bent mobo.
    and vrms can play games until insanity ensues....
  10. Sorry for the late reply, only got time to test last night while gaming.

    Seems to have done the job, although my GPU was overheating quite badly. 70-80 at idle, so that may have been part of the problem. I re-applied the thermal compound on the GPU and cleaned out the dust from it and the case. Either way, it seems I'm sorted.

    Thanks for the help.
  11. corsair do a non modular 750watt PSU thats thats been tried and tested and proven to puch out 900watt very comfortably. i had a simular problem untill i got this 750w and its worked perfect ever since only cost £90

    8gb ddr2
    9600 gt 512
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