In search of manual for intel 845GVSH mother board

Hello Friends, I have a Intel d845gvsh desktop board and I am in search for its manual can any one tell me where can I find one. And I also want to know that can i replace its processor with a speedy one it has Celeron 1.0 Ghz processor and 256 DDR ram. I couldn't find this motherboard in intels motherboard list
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  1. 845gvsh = Intel 845g series chipset = P4 1.3 or Celeron 1.7 as MINIMUM - check your specs again, and or google is your friend for manuals and i doubt they will be up to date to list processor max speeds etc.

    You will be able to fit easily a P4 2.4 A series (2400/400/512k) into that motherboard but if your board is an SD based board do not bother and just get a new rig as it limits everything, also check your caps as a few may be blown just by the age of that rig (~8 years now atleast) (google it if you dont know what it means)
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