Which AMD processor would perform better ? (check this out)

Right now I have a AMD Phenom II 550 BE @ a completely stable 3.7 GHz, My cores WILL NOT UNLOCK TO QUAD, So I was thinking of maybe getting an Athlon II X4 & Oc to 3.2GHz ? Do you guys think this will improve my gaming performance ? I play L4d 2, cod:waw, and cod4.
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  1. Hmmm.. I can't really say here. The games you are playing will most likely benefit from a quad-core system, but then again, the Athlon IIs drop the L3 cache.

    Also your cores probably aren't unlocking because they have been binned out. :(

    If I were you, I'd decide whether I really needed those two extra cores. Do you really NEED a couple frames per second more, or can you live with a dual core?
  2. So those games really utilize 4 cores ? if they do shouldn't they run much better ? Ive heard people say that sometimes a higher clocked dual core does better then a lower clocked quad, if thast the case then i'll just stick to my dual but i'd just like about a 10fps bump on those games that i mentioned nothing huge. Or maybe I can keep trying to unlock my quad ? (ive only tried one time and I probably did something wrong, Ive tried looking tutorials on how to do it with my mobo Gigbayte MA785GM-US2H but Ive never really found one, Maybe someone can help ? I came over from the console world not too long ago so Im still learning these things lol. Thanks to those who help
  3. Thanks! It's a pleasure to [try] to help!

    Uhmm.. Let's see. The high clock duals performing better than low-clocked quads was the story with the very first quad core intel chips... I'm not too sure about today - software is optimized for more cores.

    If I were you, I'd get a new GPU. What GPU are you using?
  4. I have an ASUS GeForce GTS 250 1GB
  5. Alright. You might want to get another GTS 250 or another Nvidia card, then SLI them together (if your motherboard supports it). That will more directly combat the bad framerates! :)
  6. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/default.aspx?p=97&p2=106

    Although those are at stock speeds, it is still a 500mhz difference. The Phenom II 550 walks all over the Athlon II X4 in L4D, along with the other games, I doubt it would be any different with the games you've listed, especially L4D2 since its on the same engine as L4D.
  7. -- Under MIT select 'Advanced Clock Calibration'
    -- Set EC Firmware to 'Hybrid' and ACC to 'Auto'

  8. Quote:
    Also your cores probably aren't unlocking because they have been binned out.

    Hopefully not.
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