Sold my 285s what next?

Found a buyer for my 285s, managed to squeeze 475$ out of both of them, I pretty much paid around 300 for each at the time of buying the 280s and trading up for free.

Now I'm using a 4770 temporarily, should I just go for the new ATI cards coming at the end of the month or wait around for the 300 series, but keep in mind that I don't want to be on my death bed before I make a choice, I don't really now how far away Nvidia cards are or even if the rumours are worth it. Opinions?

Thanks! :hello:



Q9450 @ 3.86 ghz (soon to be either i7 940 or i9 Q2010)
OCZ Reaper RAM 1:1 8 gigs
Motherboard EVGA sli board (found a buyer so it wont be this board for long)
PSU: HX1000
4 Raptors RAID 0
Windows 7 Professional
Big water cooling kit (will prob change if I choose go i7 or i9, either way kinda sick of water cooling)
Resolution 1680x1050 Soon to be 1920x1080.

Benchmarking+CSS+New gen games + Video/Audio Editing + school

Next Upgrade Estimated (after this one I mean)
DX 11.1 or 12 ;) for VGA
CPU 8 Core.
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  1. Hard to say since we dont know how the ati 5xxx series are going to perform.
    If the 5xxx serious offers great price/performance ratio then go for it. The gtx 3xx series is suppose to be a beast i hear, well for there high end chip. Only time will tell i dont you can go wrong with either company at this point. Software is behind hardware greatly.

    Im still debating or not if i should sell my pair of evga superclocked gtx 260 192sp or tri-sli. Wonder how much i can sell them for. Any clue?
  2. i'd assume anywhere from 100-150 max (and 150 is generous amount since alot of the 216s can be found for around that price. I'd try to sell em for 100 each. It might not be worth it.

    If the 5870 manages to match the 4870 X2, just like the 280/285 managed to match the 9800 GX2. Its a big step. I hate how ppl say that its unimpressive if its only a 4870 X2. But ppl don't realize that its a single GPU card matching one of the best solutions we have to date. Its a big STEP up.

    Or when they say "I can understand if it were 295 GTX speeds", k seriously thats what? 10% (15% max, ofc depends on the game it might also be more "DEEP SPACE") difference between the 2?

    I just don't want to settle with the 5870 X2 or something I'm pretty sure about that. I mean dual GPUs are sketchy and ATI is especially sketchy when it comes to quad and over all dual GPU drivers (not that Nvidia is any better, but I'd say that for the most part on drivers they are ontop)

    although 5870 X2 (If the 5870 is actually = to around a 4870 X2) would be a beast. basically have 4 4870 X2s in quad?

    allow me to drool.
  3. next? iphone3gs?

    tons of games are coming, re5, dirt2, modernwarfare2, none of them supports dx11. hopefully that 4770 will make you enjoy them as you should.
  4. Hey Liquid, it's been a while welcome back!

    Let me help you with your decision:

    I am in the same situation as you, I just sold my 4870x2 and 48701GB and I am running on an 8800GTS 512 right now!

    Also, I upgraded the rest of my rig:

    Asus P6T
    12GB Corsair XMS3
    Core i7 920 @ 4.0Ghz
    Zalman 850W
    Raptor 150
    Super Talent SSD for OS
    WD Black 1TB
    Xigmatek Thor's Hammer CPU cooler
    XFI Fatality Sound Card

    Basically I sold my cards while they still had a bit of value, and I am going to buy either two 5870's, or a 5870 and a 5870x2 for tri-fire. Or, if wattage usage is low, maybe quad fire. Either way I hope 2GB versions come out soon because I want some more V ram !
  5. its doubtful that the cards can efficiently use 2 gigs of ram, I mean the 285s can't with they're 512 bus width and GDDR3. The 5870s carry GDDR5 and have 256 bus width, which in my opinion should yield a make up bus width of 512.

    So I doubt it can actually use 2 gigs, it might benefit at super high resolutions but I doubt anything more than 1-5 fps.

    I seem to have a deal, i7 940 + X58 Mobo quad fire/sli for 900$ not including ram.
  6. thanks for the welcome btw:P
  7. wh3resmycar said:
    next? iphone3gs?

    tons of games are coming, re5, dirt2, modernwarfare2, none of them supports dx11. hopefully that 4770 will make you enjoy them as you should.

    RE 5 got for both 360 and ps3, overplayed it, so not too excited about it other than benchmarking it. (plus my laptop maxes it out 40 fps 4x AA)

    MW 2 not a fan of the series, unless they get rid of nade spamming + Madardayme(no idea how to spell, nor do I care)

    As for dirt 2. Hell yeah!

    Grid runs 40-50 fps on my laptop maxed with 4 AA, since its basically a slightly upgraded engine, I don't see a problem of running it on a stronger aTI card.

    I'm more excited about L4D2 gran turismo 5 and the psp gran turismo ( fav racing series ever)

    I don't like Iphone at all;) A) every1 has it B) unreliable and one of the only companies greedier and lower than Microsoft.
  8. DIRT2 looks good
    Heres what I think, right now.
    Lets assume most of what were hearing is true. The 5870 alone may be close to your 285s in SLI. The G300? No ones said any expectant fps numbers/perf, but, theres been the constant rumors of it being huge and power hungry, and, itll be aimed once again, more for CUDA gpgpu apps and such, while its pure animal gaming perf will suffer slightly, comparitively to its rumored size.
    So, if you want a single card only, maybe wait, and definately wait if you want gpgpu uber ability, if not, and you just want to rock some games for a lil less money, 5870 looks the way to go.
    I dont really see anyone doing G300 sli right aways, as Im sure itll eat power like mad.
    Oh, and there physx lol
  9. physx can suck a thumb for all I care, I just want to have the best performing card, or if the cards are pretty close go for the cheaper of its kind, I'm set on the 5870, the 5870 X2 should be coming a month later if I'm not mistaken.

    but thnx jaydee.
  10. whats irritating is that we still dont have any viable "sneak peak" at how the hd5000s will perform. unlike last year when anand's published a preview 2 weeks before launch of the hd4800s.
  11. Well don't forget the 'launch' is supposed to be early late sept-early Oct. so they still have lots of time for a sneak peak. The 10th of Sept is rumored to be just the intro to the 5*** series, of course I hope that's wrong because I want the new cards asap.
  12. I don't know about you guys but it looks like the 2 main attractions here are the i5 750 and 5XXX series..... kinda awkward but looks like it will dominate.....
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