I need to replace the internal disk drive of my laptop


I need to replace the internal disk drive of my laptop; brand/model is: COMPAQ PRESARIO, CQ61.

My Question is this: Can i use/ replace it with the Internal Disk Drive of TOSHIBA MK3265GSX/ A5230A?.
I could not find any COMPAQ brand; instead, i was given the Toshiba Disk Drive as replacement.

Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. Any standard 2.5" laptop drive should work fine - it doesn't matter if it's a Toshiba or a Compaq part. In actual fact neither Toshiba or Compaq make hard drives - they're made by companies like Western Digital or Seagate who specialize in those products. You could just as easily buy one of their 2.5" laptop drives from any retailer.
  2. it's a 2.5".... Som I can now proceed with the replacement..

    Thanks a lot SMINLAL!.... Have a nice day.. :)
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