Looking for 1155 Push-In Pin Heatsink

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to replace my OEM 1155 Socket Heatsink either a better performance Air Cooling Heatsink or Liquid Cooling.

I really would prefer it to be a Push-In Pin connection like the OEM Heatsink because I really do not want to remove the motherboard to put a mounting bracket on it.

A main concern I have with removing the motherboard is, will it mess up my Raid 5 Configuration if I do not put the Sata cables in the same spot on the motherboard.

But anyways, any recommendations would be helpful and I would like to keep it around $70.
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    Provided your case is wide enough the best push/pin cooler i can think of is the Scythe Yasya.
    It's huge and would be disastrous if not secured properly.
    Another popular unit is the CM TX-3 which is an improvement over stock cooling and cheap.
    For the Yasya coolerguy has a good feedback review of the installation procedure.
    I'm sure the guys here can tell you all about decent closed looped water coolers.
    Not my thing.
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