8600M GS to GT

i have an acer aspire 5920g with a 8600M GS, is it possible to upgrade to the 8600M GT (if not ill just replace the GS as its not working) and if so do you know of any where that will sell these.
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  1. I believe it is possible to replace them as long as your laptop has enough power (since you are running a gs i would guess it will run a gt).

    you can purchase them on Ebay for $100+ but it is not recommended to replace laptop graphics cards unless you are an uber pro at that sort of thing
  2. I don't know it is possible to upgrade GPU in Aspire. In some Dell, it is possible. ebay has lot of MGPU. You could try selling it there. Also if it is possible to upgrade, why go for 8600GT.. better get some 9 series card like 9800GT.
  3. well if you can upgrade (aka you have an MXM slot) i would find the best card that is compatible with your MXM slot revision (different revisions, different cards)

    though you might have to worry about heat, the new card may produce more heat than the old one and your laptop cooler may not be able to cool it good enough
  4. Why bother? Both cards are equally bad these days (8600GT = 9500GT). Get at least a 9600GT if you want an upgrade...
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