New mother board or upgrade?

I have a problem with my asus p5n-e mother board 2 of the memory slots have gone wrong? should i upgrade motherboard? or bite the bullet and get a whole new pc? my machine is 2 years old and spec as follows
cpu quad core q6600
asus p5n-e
500gb hard drive
nvidia 8800gtx 768mb
4 gb nvidia ddr2 ram
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  1. What exactly do you mean "gone wrong"?
  2. If you have s money, just sell the q6600, 8800gtx, ram, and basically what ever else you dont really want to re-use, then buy a new computer. You should have enough for an i7 system, cuz that's what I did. You could probably get a x48 or 780i+ motherboard, but there's really no point dropping money into a dead socket, better to get what ever money you can now and make the move to a newer system.
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