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I have 2 560 TI Twinfrozer II cards running in SLI. I'm trying to overclock them with after burner and I brought the volts up to 1050Mv and I've been able to push the core to 1050MHz shader to 2100HMz and haven't tried to OC the memory. If I push it any higher the nvidia driver crashes then comes right back online, but resets the cards to stock speeds. Does that mean that's the limit to what these cards can be clocked to?

Max temp doesn't break 82c so I don't think I'm hitting a heat failsafe because these cards are rating good to 100c.

Specs are
i7 2600k @4.2
8g ripsaw DDR3 ram @1600
Rosewill 1000w PSU
MSI P67A-GD55 Mobo

Thanks for any help guys.
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    The " Display driver has stopped working " message is related to a driver issue or when the GPU is overclocked and fails to work properly.
    I guess you're pushing your GPUs to the limits, 1 GHz core clock is fair enough for the GTX 560Ti, also it's not reasonable to OC core, shader clock and not t OC the memory clock.
    you always can achieve higher clocks than that by raising voltages up, but that can kill your GPUs instantly, and will make them hotter.
    85C is the maximum safe temp for the GPU, you should worry if you go above that.
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