Hi all,

I am getting a new dell xps 435 next week and I want to upgrade the video card. I would like to put this card in:

BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 1792 MB GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card

My question is will the xps 435 support this card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. uhm no it only has a 475 watt power supply and im willing to bet my ass is wont take a dual slot card an only PCIe slots no PCIe 2.0
  2. well all pci e 2.0 will run in a 1.0 slot but obsidian is correct, you will need atleast a 680 watt power supply to run one of those.

    I think the best nvidia graphics card for a 475 watt would be a gts 250 or a gtx 260
  3. The XPS 435 (Studio) is a new PC offered by Dell, it comes with a core i7 920 and it DOES have PCI-E 2.0. The only issue here is that it comes with a 475/550w PSU depending on the model.

    My suggestion is that you go with a GTX 260 (216) and you will be fine. If you want to install a GTX 295 you will need to upgrade the PSU.

    @ obsidian, my dell XPS 400 is almost 4 years old and it has a GTS 250 (DUAL SLOT) just FYI.....

    hehe, don't bet your ass, lol you might lose and then what will you do???
  4. i've seen the case on the 435 it looks croweded
  5. Yea I know, but that PC comes with an option to upgrade to a GTX 260 so a 295 should fit fine..

    The video at the end of the page shows a 4870/4890 not sure.......,2817,2341742,00.asp#video
  6. Thanks for the replies all. Much appreciated. I built my own system in 2002 but it's been awhile since I've touched any hardware so I'm pretty rusty with current technology. I used to be an avid q3 fan but I haven't been gaming in several years now. I'd like to try out Crysis. I've read so much about it and I'm intrigued. I am hoping this system will run it at reasonable settings.
  7. Cysis is great, specially on a GTX 295... I was playing last night and had a blast... Very addicting!!!!
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