New Graphics Card/PS upgrade needed for my setup for Win 7 (x64)?

Hi everyone. Thanks for your help in advance!

Let me start by saying I am NOT A GAMER nor do I play ANY GAMES! I know just enough to get me into trouble and screw up or electronically fry my PC. I have the following:

--Asus A8n32-SLI Motherboard (BIOS 1302)
--AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ with Arctic Freeze Cooler
--1GB Corsair Memory (will be upgrading to 4 matching 1GB G.Skill memory soon!)
--EVGA Ge 6800GS(PCIe) 256MB Graphics Card with Zalman fan cooler
--Ultra ULT-XF500 500 Watt Power Supply (16A +12V1 & 18A +12V2; 384 Watts max combined on these 2 rails)
--DVD Rom Drive
--CD/DVD RW Drive
--80GB Sata Hard Drive
--350 GB Hard Drive Sata
--Antec Sonata Case with 2 large case fans

I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 (x64) (currently have WinXP SP3 with current drivers). Most of my PC work will be internet, office programs, photoshop, and in the very near future some video editing (new baby arriving soon!).

From what I have researched/read on the internet forums and google, an nVidia 9600 GSO or GT is a great card upgrade for windows 7 and my PS is pretty weak but possibly capable in running a nVidia 9600.

My questions:

1) Do I really need to do any equipment upgrades for Windows 7(x64)? I know my card can run windows 7 Aero from the internet, but I am not sure how well.

2) If upgrading my card to an nVidia 9600 would be beneficial for my install, can my PS handle it for what I am running and wanting to do?

3) If I need to upgrade my PS, what would be a good PS to purchase? (Again, no gaming going on here!)

4) I know a Sapphire ATI Radeo HD4650 (DDR2) is a decent upgrade also (performance falls between current card and nVidia 9600). Can this work for me?

Again, thanks for your help and info. I just want to have a PC that is rock-solid and can carry me through the next 3-4 years.


Eric in San Diego
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  1. Best answer
    ^ Your PSU has enough power for the 9600...the 9600 series cards now come in low power flavours, that consume very less power...
    For your questions,
    1. Actually your 6800 can run WIN 7 well...but a graphics card upgrade would make the OS run smoother...
    2. Like I said Yes, currently you can find low power cards, that consume very less power...
    3. Not required.
    4. Yes the 4650 is also a good upgrade...I would say get the one which is cheaper...
    But you can check out this card too -
    GT 220 from Nvidia...

    Any of the above GPUs can run fine on your PSU...
  2. ^ +1 gkay nailed it.
  3. currently i'm running win7 with aero off intel integrated graphics from 2007, which is probably a lot worse than a 6800GS. Alls fine. suggest try with what youve got and then upgrade gpu if you are not satisfied.
  4. I am running windows 7 on an intel x3100 integrated graphics on my laptop with aero and it runs smoothly enough for me. So just try it with your 6800gs and if it does not work upgrade it to something like 9600gso
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses. I feel more confident in what I have and what I want to do next. Your input and suggestions are greatly, GREATLY appreciated! I will take a look at the cards suggested and decide from there. Thanks again!


    Eric in San Diego,CA
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