I5 750 Static vs Dynamic OC

I have an i5 750 with a P55 Gigabyte board which i have overclocked based on Tom's article about efficiency when Ocing with 160 BCLK Turbo on and all power savings enabled resulting from 1.4ghz and 0.8V when idling to 3.84ghz and 1.25V when 1 or 2 cores are active.

I am thinking of doing a static OC but with all power savings enabled so it still lowers when idle by raising the BCLK to 180 and just disabling the Turbo. So the question is : will i see performance gains with bigger BCLK and turbo disabled to have all cores running at 3.66ghz? I am not worried about efficiency its a mid oc power savings will be on. Also i will like to add to the equation that i have 1333 rams so in the Turbo case i am running them at 1280 mhz (160*8) and if i switch to 180 will be ran at 1440 (180*8).

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  2. I want an opinion about overall performance gains when using higer BCLK.
  3. Any veteran for this? It's pretty straightforward
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