System will not "boot".

I am a new builder and am very frustrated at what I have experienced. I have everything in my PC hooked up and when I push the power button the case power light comes on and the CPU/case fan start to spin but then everything just dies and I am back were I started (all this happens in about 2 seconds of the push of the pwr button).

Before I go on here is my build:

Case: $64.99

Mother Board: 132.82

RAM: $53.79

Hard Drive: $56.99

DVD drive: $30.99

OS: $61.60

Monitor: $129.99

Keyboard: 9.99

PSU: 69.99

CPU: 129.99

(everything is installed besides the Optical Drive as it's not here yet)

I have read the stickyed guide about Boot problems and had no luck.

My thought:
In the Biostar motherboards Manuel it says when using AM2+ cpu's your system may not boot until a Bios update. Could that be the problem?

Thanks for anyone that can help, I am really confused at this point. (if you need more info or I left something out please just ask).
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  1. Do you have the extra 4pin power connector hooked up to the mother board? It's a white connector up by your old mouse/keyboard connections (PS/2).
  2. Yes I do, as well as the 24pin main power connector.
    Other thoughts?
  3. You said you read the checklist in the sticky, but did you actually perform each step? Did you try each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot? Did you breadboard the system to rule out a short? The checklist was created to help troubleshoot problems exactly like yours.
  4. I have tried everything in your thread besides the breadboarding thing.

    The only thing that came to mine was #18. I think I may need to update the Bios and was hoping someone could tell me if this is true do to the problem I encountered (I have no idea what it would do if this was the case).
  5. Anyone?
    I don't have a lot of money and do not want to order a another CPU just so I can update the Bios and have that fail as well.
  6. Don't even think about doing a bios update. Yet. I have a question for you. When you wired it, did you go by the book or did you look at the board and think to yourself this is where the wires go ? And how many wires have "power" associated with them ? And is the ( + ) in the right spot ? Did you try 1 stick of ram ? and did you try making it run at 800 ?

    Amazing how many people have trouble with Biostar boards all of a sudden. Reminds of when ASUS came out with the A8N sli 939 series. I never had problems with those and never had problems with Biostar boards....except one........ it died, I threw it in the closet and a year later pulled it out and it worked.... ???
  7. No, I am not a moron. I had the case and motherboard manual out when I wired anything.

    Power wires (this is what the PSU is hooked to if that's what you mean)?:
    I have power to the:
    4 pin CPU
    Main 24 pin connector
    SATA Power cable is hooked to the Hard drive
    And then last it's hooked up to a case fan.

    Missing something here?

    According to the case all white wires were positive so it was very easy to line everything up correctly (of course the panel isn't a big problem lol).

    I did try 1 stick of RAM in the first slot. Make the RAM run at 800 (instead of 1066 which it said to use)? I would think this would require me to buy more......

    Everything went together smoothly. CPU slid right into it's socket and I grounded my self before I touched anything. I am sure it is something I did or something not hooked up (man would that be great lol). With a little more reading I can see you guys get questions like this all the time, and I am sorry if this is a wast of your time.

    Thanks for any more help
  8. Take a look at the 4pin power connector for the Floppy drive if you installed one? Some time's if you connect it 1 pin off to the left or right by accident it prevents the whole system from starting up.

    Sorry I did not have time to read your whole post and it is possible you found a solution already.

    If that's not the case also remove the CMOS battery and keep it out, try to boot the system on a raw BIOS with nothing left in BIOS memory. Later after you get to a BIOS screen or safe mode shut down and then replace the battery and boot up again then save working BIOS settings.
  9. I have yet to find a solution.. If I do I will post it.
    No Floppy Drive so that's a no no.

    I am all for your second suggestion. How safe is that?
  10. Well I went ahead and tried it and nothing new happened.
  11. The very first reviw of your board over @ newegg says a bios update is required for your AM2+ There you go.

    Either buy a compatible CPU, or take it to a shop and pay them, or get a better mobo from asus or gigabyte.
  12. That was my first thought (as you read at the top). But some say I shouldn't touch the BIOS.

    I guess that's what I will have to do.
  13. Aye well that is to bad. Oh and booting without the CMOS battery in is harmless it just wont save settings and that is why I asked you to try it.

    The only other suggestion I have is to remove all of the peripheral devices hard drives cdroms and all the cabling and wiring and then just connect the power required to start the system. It would boot to BIOS or to a DOS screen saying there is no Bootable device.

    If it boots strictly on the motherboard and CPU and 1 stick of ram installed then its one of the plug in devices like a hard drive or cdrom type hardware.

    Make sure you have no USB stick or even a printer cable attached via USB. Remove all network cables such as RJ45 for DSL or Cable.

    The last thing is to search out your Motherboard on the manufactures website because I also know from experience even if the RAM says its compatible the computer wont start. It is possible the kind of RAM you have is preventing a boot.

    You never mentioned if you are getting any system beeps from the case speaker? Ideally you want to hear a POST beep just 1 about 1 second long. That typically is an indication that the system is a GO. Also change the keyboard out to another USB or even if the MoB supports it try a PS/2 Keyboard and remove all other USB or Serial devices from the back of the computer including the mouse. RE: the only thing plugged in should be a keyboard.
  14. Unfortunately you have to succeed in making it to bios to flash it. The biostar page is crap, i cant even find a list telling you what bios you need for what CPU, this is the best i came up with
  15. It is possible and likely that Daship is correct on the BIOS level however I also use a 9950 CPU and my MoB is much older then Dokioto's is. In fact the Manufacturer AMD says most system boards will NOT require a BIOS update for the processor up to the 9950 Quad Phenom's. There are models just above this that do require a CMOS update. However all said and done if the CPU slots into the Socket on his board all technical jargon aside it should be Bootable. That is after all the intent of the Socket and CPU pin configurations in the first place is for compatibility.

    Oh yes I almost forgot and when I did boot to windows later Microsoft installed a small software update for my CPU for better performance in vista Home. I certainly did not have to do a BIOS update when I built it.

    Something else I just realized is if he goes to the MoB manufacturer and looks at BIOS updates on their download site! Does it have one specific to his Motherboard for that CPU because if they don't then its not a BIOS issue at the board level and can rule that out as the issue.
  16. Manufacturer BIOSTAR for his Biostar TA790GX A2+ Motherboard;

    Drivers download page is here:

    Yes it says for.... Support Phenom II and Athlon II CPU
  17. My board is a Biostar TA790GX 128M.

    So this does mean it is the Bios? My CPU is a Phenom x4 9950 Black edition, not a Phenom II (doesn't matter?). I'll try what SoDNighthawk mentioned a few posts above as well.

    According to a lot of the newegg reviews people use something like this:

    They can get into the BIOS and update it with no problems yet I am on an older CPU and having problems. Comments?

    I really appropriate the help guys
    (big thanks to SoDNighthawk for his attempts in fixing my machine)
  18. Trust me you need a bios update. I have found proof in more then one spot on the net. Call Biostar if you dont believe.
  19. Oh I trust you.. In fact that's what I have believed it to be all along (as you can tell).
    I just want to explore other options before I lay the money down for a new CPU.

    I don't know how a PC is suppose to act when it needs an Updated BIOS so the CPU can work lol.

    If I can I think I might return the CPU I bought and get this one:
    As it seems it will boot into the Bios.

    I have emailed Biostar with no reply yet and I might call them soon.

    Can you link me to your proof (not calling a liar I would just like to read it)?
  20. Well I think I might know what Bios the board has if that is any help.
    I found this little chip by what I believe is next to the Bios and it says,

    (just like that)

    The bios update on 2009-01-13 was 78DEA113.BST so I figure that's what I have.

    Here is a picture of were the Chip was located
  21. Turns out it wasn't a Bios update.
    I know have vista ultimate installed and all is running fine (and has for a while).

    Turns out I needed to hook up the on-board graphics with power and I had one stick of dead RAM. Thanks for the help anyways :/

    Pics of it working! lol
  22. hey, i have the same mb an cpu as u an i installed 8 gigs of ram an the pc boot first try didnt have to update anything... i dont have the specs on all my stuff the ram is pc1066 kingston 780 watt psu seagate sata hd an a saphire hd3850 pci express 2.0 1gig video card.... one thing i noticed with this board is if u dont have a video card install u have to have a chip thats like came with my mb that goes in the first pci express slot... dont know if that helps or not but good luck to ya... an i love the build by the way gave me problems what so ever.... an maybe check your jumpers or even try clearing the cmos if nothing else... its all in ur manuel
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