SSD or traditional HD more reliable for programming environment?

Which is more reliable for a programming environment where I'm very frequently building, testing and transferring files?

SSD or traditional HD?

is there a particular brand of SSD or traditional HD that is most reliable?

I assume RAID 1 of whichever is most reliable is that much better reliability?
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  1. Re: reliability, you might want to read this:
    It is a bit old though.

    If you can, go with a SSD, your productivity will be better.

    The value of raid-1 and it's variants like raid-5 is that you can recover from a drive failure quickly. It is for servers that can not tolerate any interruption.

    Modern hard drives have a advertised mean time to failure on the order of 500,000+ hours. That is something like 50 years.

    With raid-1 you are protecting yourself from specifically a hard drive failure. Not from other failures such as viruses, operator error,
    malware, fire, theft, etc.
    For that, you need external backup. If you have external backup, you do not need raid-1
  2. That article was very helpful geofelt! Thanks.
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