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I am trying to upgrade an old desktop with a ECS P4M800-M7 Motherboard (Socket 775) The processor is P4 2.8Ghz. The memory on the computer is 256MB and it is running extremely slow. I was wondering what replacement motherboards would fit and how easy/difficult is it to change out? (Socket 775?) and if I change it do I need to worry about my power supply, cooling fan? I have not done this before so I am also wondering am I getting in over my head? Thanks for the help?
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  1. Any mATX motherboard will fit. What's the purpose of the system and will you upgrade the motherboard, CPU and memory? Will you use the on-board GPU or a discrete video card? If you select a CPU that doesn't draw more power than your P4 2.8 and you use on-board video, then your PSU should be fine.

    Edit: What OS and are you willing to reinstall it if need be? What other components will you reuse?
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